Sweet Frida, our beloved shop dog, 2001-2017

Sometimes the most soulful friends have four paws. And sometimes they leave us too soon. Today, we are missing our Frida. If by some chance you missed knowing her, what a loss! She was always an amazing judge of character, and even as she grew weary, she had a special fondness for children. Other dogs? Not so much.
Frida had no use for bullies, she never met a stranger, and she lived life with instincts that we humans could only hope for. Frida had quite a following and what we jokingly called a fan club, and greeting both old and new friends at the shop always made her day. She kissed toes during sandal season and noses all year round, with her own special brand of enthusiasm and affection. She was the very definition of “the best girl” and during this past year Frida wore “Sweet 16” just as she did everything else – with grace.
Sure, we like to think clients are loyal to us because of the beautiful orchids we deliver and the storybook weddings we create. But let’s face it: A few only came for Frida, to love and be loved … by Frida.
Much like her namesake, the artist Frida Kahlo, our girl was a unique spirit and a strong lady. Her name could not have been more appropriate. Even as she aged and didn’t see or hear as she once had, she still knew when a friend came into the shop, and she went – even if a bit more slowly — to say hello.
Our girl also knew no limitations. Whether putting a big dog in its place, or sauntering by with that well-known raised paw and “oh-i-might-need-some-extra-attention-today” look we laughed at, joked about, and secretly adored, she was one-of-a-kind. In the old shop, she perched atop the well-known bunk beds to keep watch over the parking lot; in the new place, she loved the full glass windows to keep a sharp eye out for anything and everything that interested her. She adapted well, she slept well, she lived well, she loved well, and we loved her. Next time you hear a foolish person say dogs don’t have souls, think of our Frida, and be comforted with the knowledge that you – and all of us here — know better.       — Martie Emory

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