A Recent Celebration of Love

This recent wedding was truly a labor of love, with a scenic ceremony at the bride’s parents’ home and a club reception following.  The ceremony centerpiece? A large arch constructed of gypsophilia where the  couple stood to say their vows.  Later, to cover the ballroom’s large brass chandeliers we installed drum shades that were covered with a botanical cut-out … beautifully illuminating the entire setting. The bride and groom favored a natural decor so we incorporated 12′ cherry trees (with custom-designed cloths for the tree tables) at the elegant reception. We think the look on the bride’s face as the two departed the reception says it all: a genuinely happy celebration of two people in love! Photos by Brian Mullins Photography

We covered brass chandeliers with 6' wide drum shades with botanical cut-outs.

Our drum shades with artistic cut-outs beautifully illuminated the ballroom setting.

Beautiful 12' cherry trees highlighted the reception setting, with custom-made cloths for the tree tables.

We added hanging vases and hanging votives around the ballroom.

Each place setting of silverware was wrapped in a linen napkin, raffia and salal leaves.

Bistro tables featured cut arrangements with a hint of orange in moss-covered pots.

Our stately arch of gypsophilia was the centerpiece of the ceremony at the bride's parents' home.

Bound for happily ever after, the bride and groom departed amid a shower of rose petals and good wishes!

2 Responses to “A Recent Celebration of Love”

  1. 1 Amelia Vogler October 27, 2010 at 3:10 pm


    Your vision was gentle, stunnig, and simply perfect. It was a the most beautiful wedding and reception that I could have ever dreamed into being. It was made so by your careful details. I loved the movement of the different elements: the “drops” of vases from the trees caught the light gently, the little flowers blooming elegantly adorned, the large trees were unassuming and well-balanced; they seemed to fit in as if they had grown into the room since infancy. The shades were such fun! The outside seating area with all of the candles made for a homey and romantic feel. The entire evening was so beautifully inviting, so comfortable and comforting.

    I loved especially the arbor at the ceremony. It was wispy, elegant, simple, and soft. I felt honored to stand in front it! It was in memorium for all of those who joined us in spirit form and it couldn’t have captured the essence of all of those wonderful grandparents watching from heaven.

    You are such an inspiration.

    Sending all my love,
    Amelia Vogler (the bride)

    • 2 Randy October 28, 2010 at 3:25 pm

      Dear Amelia,

      The wedding turned out beautiful only because the bride, groom and the family I was working with was beautiful and I was able to recreate their spirit through my work. Thanks so much!


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