Pearl Fryar’s Amazing Topiary Garden!

This week I had the pleasure of spending some wonderful time with the talented Pearl Fryar in his beautiful topiary garden in Bishopville, SC. The pictures are worth a thousand words, so see below! Then visit his site at and check out his DVD documentary “A Man Named Pearl.”  This man not only creates topiary sculptures that are true artistic masterpieces but he also sheds a thoughtful light on the world in general. Thank you, Pearl, for a day well spent and for your continued inspiration!

Randy and Pearl Fryar in his South Carolina garden.

2 Responses to “Pearl Fryar’s Amazing Topiary Garden!”

  1. 1 John Reames March 19, 2010 at 8:43 pm

    If Mr. Fryar is anything he’s totally inspirational. Always eager to explain each work of art in his yard to whom ever is listening… it doesn’t matter, young, old and in between Pearl is never lost for words. That he chose Bishopville and Lee County to display his show pieces is not lost on me. It is evident that the hand of the Master Architect is guiding this gentleman for his words and work speak volumes on what the human soul should be about.

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