Orchid Information and Care


A potted orchid for sale in our garden shop

In general, keep orchids on the dry side.  One of the biggest misconceptions is that orchids are so fragile they need a lot of care.  They don’t.

Water once a week if the plant has dried out; if not, once every two weeks.

It works well to lift out the grow pot and bring it to the sink to water about 1/2 cup.  Let drain, then replace into decorative container or planting.

The exposed roots on an orchid are air-roots – they take moisture from the air.

Orchids need brightess, but not full sunlight.  A kitchen window is ideal or light from across a room.

If keeping your orchid in a kitchen, avoid placing bowls of apples or fruit nearby as the gases from the fruit can make the orchid buds drop off.

When you purchase an orchid, take it right home.  They do NOT like extreme temperatures (hot or cold) and can burn in as little as five minutes if left in a hot car.

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