Another “Buy Local” Business Effort Emerges

All kinds of “buy local” initiatives are bubbling up from the Greensboro grassroots and business community these days. I learned this week that a group of business owners are organizing a local version of the 3/50 Project, which encourages people to spend $50 a month at three or more locally-owned “brick and mortar” businesses in their communities.

Organizers of the “Buy Triad First” project plan to hold its first public organizing meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Proximity Hotel. About 12 business owners currently serve on an advisory committee, said participant Betsy Gauthier, owner of Loco for Coco Gourmet Chocolates. Gauthier is also a member Velocity Trade Exchange, a bartering network I wrote about previously.

Gauthier said she expects at least 100 business owners to attend Monday’s meeting. Buy Triad First aims to start out with a Greensboro chapter and expand to High Point and Winston-Salem, she said. I’ll follow this to see where it goes.

Written by Morgan Josey Glover

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