Floral Expressions for your Wedding

Whether you choose to use trendy combinations of eye-popping, brightly colored flowers or opt for the natural look of grasses and wildflowers, your flowers communicate as much about your personality as your wedding dress will.  Consider these tips when hiring a floral designer. 

* Does the florist’s style fit with your own ideas?  If you view photgraphed samples, verify that they are of the florist’s actual work rather than just samples the florist says he or she can do.

Lalo on Arch

* If you’re working with a smaller budget, ask how you can maximize your floral options.

*What flowers will be in season when your wedding takes place?

*Collect clippings of bouquets or arrangements from magazines that you find appealing.  This will help you and your floral designer determine your style.

* Has the florist done weddings at your ceremony and/or reception sites?  If so, he or she may have photographs of arrangements done at your site and will be knowledgeable about what sizes, shapes and colors work best in the space.

* What kind of time will the florist spend at your wedding site?  Tammy in ReceptionWill they simply deliver flowers for your wedding or will they spend time at the site setting up and making sure everything is in order?

* Are there other weddings the florist will be handling on the same day or weekend as yours?  Get definite answers on how much time will be spent on your wedding.

* Does the florist offer rental items such as vases, potted plants, arches, trellises, candelabras, or urns?

*Does the florist offer bouquet preservations?  If interested, make arrangements for your bouquet to be preserved after the wedding.

Article courtesy of Triad Weddings magazine – Spring/Summer 09

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