Holiday Arrangements

Featured in Southern Accents – Nov/Dec 2008

Holiday Flowers 02



Deep Red Pomegranates and a few sprigs of viburnum berries add vibrant color to the more subdues hues of the green hydrangeas and cream roses.  Crabapples echo the soft green hydrangeas and hold the flowers in place.  “I used pomegranates on the table to suggest the feeling of a still life,” says McManus. 

Inspired by the gold and burgundy Holiday Flowers 01tones of the ribbon, McManus embellished a Fraser fir wreath with berries, dried mushrooms, monkeypods, and different shades of brown pinecones dipped in wax for a lush new look.

Cut flowers mingle with fresh produce for a pretty mix o colors and textures.  McManus started with all-white amaryllis,lisianthus, and narcissus, and then added reindeer moss, cabbage, and artichokes to bring in green hues.  Blackberries, eucalyptus pods, cedar berries, and bright red crabapples create even more depth.  A wax-dipped pinecone extends interest to the table top.

Holiday Flowers 03

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